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Stop worrying about restrictions, penalties and hidden fees for your dialer VoIP. High capacity, short duration Dialer VoIP and Long Duration traffic.

Sonic Communication is a facilities-based CLEC offering service across the United States and Canada. Sonic Communication specializes in SIP Trunking for Wholesale, Enterprise, and small businesses.

Business SIP Trunks

Sonic Communication

Don’t overpay for ordinary phone service. Our Business VoIP Trunking, Utilizing Tier 1 providers like Verizon, Level 3 and Centurylink and is the more affordable way run your phone service.

With Sonic Communication Business VoIP you will save as much as 50% compared to traditional phone service.

Sonic Communication is the ultimate Conversation VoIP trunking service, it gives your company all the telecom power it needs to complete your calls and save the maximum amount off your telecommunications bills.

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Call Center SIP Trunks

Sonic Communication

Sonic Communication's routes are dialer friendly with no added penalties or surcharges for dialer traffic. Our billing increments and rounding are tailored to contact center termination to ensure you are not penalized for short duration calls typical for predictive dialing.

As well, our infrastructure and the infrastructure of downstream carriers have been extensively tested for high calls per second (CPS) usage typical of dialer traffic. We support Caller ID and Caller Name on outbound calls on most of our routes.

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Class 4 VoIP Softswitch

Sonic Communication

The Only Carrier-Grade All-In-One Platform

Class 4 Fusion is available as a fully integrated platform or used separately as individual switching or routing engine.

The Class 4 Fusion addresses all aspects of the carrier VoIP switching platform, including those most relevant to carriers like you. It provides a rich and friendly UI interfaces and integrated Back Office Management to accelerate your business growth. All routing features are tailored to embrace the unique strengths of each carrier’s unique business edge and strategy. No compromises.

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LRN LNP Service


It is in every VoIP provider’s interest to make sure they have access to an LRN query (Local Routing Number) dipping service. LRN is a technique for providing LNP (Local Number Portability). A LRN is ten digit number that looks like a telephone number, but in actuality represents an entire telephone switch through which multiple telephone numbers are routed. Originally designed as a technique for providing Local Number Portability, LRN removes the need for the public telephone number to identify the local exchange carrier, only the LRN needs to be changed.

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Cloud Robodialer


Using Sonic Cloud Dialer client portal you will be in full control of your clould dialing. With no software to purchse or hardware to manage you will have the best in clould dialing. Load your customer's telephone numbers and schedule your Robodialer Calls with only a few clicks. Choose from many pre-configured campaigns or have a custom campaign build without any fees. You only Pay only for successful calls.

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