Voip Trunnking

Sonic's Hosted Carrier Grade VoIP Softswitch
Dialer friendly - Intergrated Billing - Advance Least Cost Routing

Sonic Communication's SonicSBC® VoIP Switch is a Carrier Grade Class 4 All-In-One Platform designed specifically for High CPS, High Ports.

Sonic Communication’s SonicSBC Class 4 Hosted VoIP Switch is a fully integrated platform designed from the ground up to cater to dialer traffic with no CPS and Ports restrictions.

Our VoIP Switch is designed for High CPS and High Port usage. It includes fully integrated billing system our custom Least Cost route algorithm, highly customized routing and CPS limitations. With our auto invoicing system billing is a snap. SonicSBC class 4 Voip Switch includes free LNP and LERG so there is no extra cost.

Maximize Profitability Increase Visibility of Business Boost Operation Productivity
Our dynamic routing engine gives you an edge by considering unlimited routing opportunities. The Real-time reporting let’s you see all aspects of your business. Automation of your back office reduce your workforce and increase performance.

Automatic Rate Upload, Rate Generation and Rate Delivery Automatic Route Testing Automatic Loop Detection
No more time wasted on endless rate uploading and rate management. We let you send test calls to your vendors all via UI. Stop wasting ports on traffic that can’t terminate.

Uncompromising Performance Integrated Switch with Media Support The Most Complete Routing Platform on the Market
Fully redundant network platform to handle extreme CPS and Ports. Capacity is no issue. Support DNIS, LRN, LERG, Local, LATA-OCN and Jurisdictional Routing. Capable of transcoding as well as

Built-in Monitoring and Self-Recovery Automatic billing, invoicing and credit control Real-Time Reporting for 360 degree visibility
Enjoy power and freedom of controlling every aspect of switch via UI. Everything from Load Balancing, Hot-Standby, and Live Call Migration are fully supported. Real-time SIP capture and call-flow diagram.